Lte Small Cell Optimization. 3Gpp Evolution To Release 13

LTE network capabilities are enhanced with small cell deployment, with optimization and with new 3GPP features

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It covers LTE small cells from specification to products and field results Latest 3GPP evolution to Release 13 and LTE optimization and learnings from the field.

LTE networks are getting high loaded which calls for more advanced optimization

New 3GPP features in Release 12 and 13 further push LTE network performance

Small cells have been discussed in the communications industry for many years, but their true deployment is happening now

This timely book addresses R D and standardization activities on LTE small cells and network optimization, focusing on 3GPP evolution to Release 13

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LTE Small Cell Optimization. 3GPP

LTE network capabilities are enhanced with small cell deployment, with optimization and with new 3GPP features. LTE networks are getting high loaded which calls for more advanced optimization. Small cells
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